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Grow your Students’ Potential with the TOEFL Primary® Tests.

: TOEFL Primary® Tests

玩彩网在线客服 The TOEFL Primary® tests are assessments from ETS that help you shape young students' English-language instruction in a way you never could before. Based on the rich heritage of the TOEFL® test and best practices in English-language testing, the TOEFL Primary tests are designed for students ages 8+ and measure the English communication skills that provide a foundation for students' future success.

You can use the TOEFL Primary tests to guide your teaching goals, monitor student progress, identify students' strengths and weaknesses, and more.

Scores are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and TOEFL Primary reading scores are matched to MetaMetrics® Lexile® measures.

Discover how the TOEFL Primary tests can help you.

Learn more about the TOEFL Primary tests

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Which Test Is Right for Your Program?

Compare the TOEFL Family of Products to see which test is right for you.

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