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: Get the TOEFL? Test Advantage

The TOEFL® Test Is the Most Widely Accepted English-language Test in the World

Students can go anywhere because TOEFL® scores are accepted by more than 10,000 colleges and universities in more than 150 countries. They can use their TOEFL scores to apply to English-speaking institutions in many countries worldwide — and that means more options for them.

Help Your Students on the Path to Academic Success

TOEFL scores are an accurate indicator of your students' readiness to communicate in English effectively and handle academic coursework. And the more ready your students are, the more likely they are to succeed. To help you prepare your students for success on the TOEFL test and in their academic careers, we offer resources designed especially for teachers in the TOEFL Advisor Toolkit.

Measure the English Skills Students Actually Use in the Classroom

The TOEFL iBT® test uses integrated tasks to measure all 4 skills students need to communicate: reading, listening, speaking and writing. In these integrated tasks, students may read a passage and listen to a lecture, assimilate what they have learned, and then speak or write a response just as they do in an academic classroom.

Get Support for Teachers and Students — from Start to Finish

These targeted resources include official TOEFL test preparation materials and other products that help you develop a curriculum that keeps students on the path to English-language proficiency. Now, more than ever, if you want your students to succeed at a university where English is spoken, these tools can help them.

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Watch the TOEFL Resource Series for Teachers

TOEFL Resource Series for Teachers
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