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Balance caring for students while
maintaining professional distance

: The ProEthica® Program

玩彩网在线客服 The ProEthica® program is an online professional development program designed to help educators balance caring for students with maintaining proper professional distance.

By having teachers and school leaders think through ethical dilemmas and situations in advance, the ProEthica program helps prepare them to make decisions that minimize risk and protect students.

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Building on the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (Video)

ProEthica Model Code of Ethics

Watch this video to hear how the MCEE is paving the way for resources that will support educators in developing their ethical decision-making skills. (3 min., 25 sec.)
View transcript.

ProEthica Case Studies

See how the ProEthica program has made a positive impact on the profession in teacher induction programs, for teachers and mentors in school districts and in Educator Preparation programs.

ProEthica Learning Management System (LMS)

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