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Demonstrate Program Effectiveness
with the ETS® Major Field Tests

: The ETS® Major Field Tests

玩彩网在线客服 Trusted by educators and institutions for more than 20 years, the ETS® Major Field Tests help you assess the effectiveness of your program and evaluate student performance so you can improve curricula and student learning outcomes.

Using national comparative data from more than 3,000 programs and hundreds of thousands of students, you can demonstrate the strengths of your program to prospective students and faculty, and gain the information you need to remain competitive in a challenging market.

Like all ETS assessments, the Major Field Tests are designed with industry-leading insight, rigorous research and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

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Learn more about the benefits and features of the ETS Major Field Tests and how they can support you in improving your program.

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Register for a complimentary webinar or request to view an on-demand webinar to learn about best practices in aligning course and program outcomes and analyzing data with the ETS Major Field Test for the Bachelor's Degree in Business.

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